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Toni's Gaited Ponies & Ozark Saga Icelandics


Freyfaxi from Schmalztopf  US1999104875.

Sire: Sorli from Schmalztoph
Dam: Hrafnhilda from Schmalztopf

Freyfaxi is our Icelandic stallion.  He is 5 gaited with massive bone and extreme amounts of mane and tail.  He is very laid back and calm, we are expecting his first foals this spring.


Blama from Saga California-  US1992200581

Sire:  Kisi from Saga California
Dam: Perla from Saga California 



Asa from Arnarbaeli - US2000204588

Sire:  Glaesir from Husey 1st prize, 5 Gaited Stallion
Dam: Birta fra Nedri Vendheimum  2nd Prize (Imported)


Lilja from Arnarbaeli-  US2009204597

Sire:   Aegir from Klakahross 
Dam:  Asa from Arnarbaeli.

Asa is due to foal in May by Freyfaxi.  This foal will be 5 gaited, check back for updates.


Halastjarna from Nordurstjarna- US98201120

Sired: Mimir from Slettunni
Dam:  Manadis from Slettunni.

Halastjarna is due to foal in May by Freyfaxi, their last offspring was exceptional.  Check back for updates.


Ora from Helms Hill-  US1999204583

Sire:   Sindri fra Gardi
Dam:  Nott fra Tungu